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Terms and Conditions

1. Customer is the registered legal owner of the vehicle(s) being transported and has the authority to enter this Agreement or has been duly authorized by the legal owner of the vehicle(s) to enter into this Agreement.

2. AutoGo Transport (a transportation brokerage) agrees to offer the customer’s automobile to a DOT authorized, licensed, fully insured automobile transporter and to act as the liaison between the customer and the transporter before and during transport.

3. The customer shall provide alternate contacts in case of delay for whatever reason at either pickup or delivery.  The customer shall designate a person to act as their agent at the point of pickup and/or delivery if for any reason they are unavailable.  AutoGo will not be responsible for tow charges, yard charges, or re-delivery charges incurred due to customer’s inability to provide alternate contacts.

4. While every effort will be made to meet the customer’s requested scheduling, no guarantee of pickup or delivery date can be made, expressed, or implied.  Delays may occur due to carrier schedules, mechanical failure, inclement weather, and unforeseen circumstances.  If the customer insists on pickup or delivery on a specific date, AutoGo reserves the right to contract with a local tow company to pick up, hold, and/or deliver the vehicle to meet the customer’s requested schedule, and the customer agrees to pay for this additional service at actual cost.  See paragraph 2.

5. The customer agrees to make full disclosure to AutoGo regarding operational status of the vehicle prior to finalizing this agreement.  If the customer’s vehicle is unable to be driven on and off the transport under its own power, if the vehicle’s brakes are insufficient to stop the vehicle, or if for any reason the vehicle is found to be INOPERABLE, a minimum charge of $150 will be added at customer’s expense, no exceptions.  Transporter’s minimum INOPERABLE fees may be greater and will apply if warranted.

6. AutoGo Transport will not be liable for any mechanical function damages. Mechanical functions, under carriage, frame, exhaust assembly alignment, transmission, suspension, drive trains or tuning of the engine because inspection of these items is not practical at the time of shipment. No Exceptions.

7. Shipper is responsible for preparing vehicle for transport. All loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, antennas, after market installed accessories inside/outside vehicle, etc., must be removed and/or properly secured. Any part of the vehicle that falls off during transport is the Shippers responsibility including damages caused to any other vehicles involved including their own. Shipper releases any claims for damages that are caused by Shipper’s failure to fulfill these obligations.

8. Additional terms and conditions apply to the transporter and appear on the Bill of Lading/Condition Report.  The customer and his agents agree to read transporters Bill of Lading/Condition Report terms and conditions and agree to fully inspect the vehicle at both pickup and delivery, and annotate any and all damages on the carrier’s Bill of Lading/Condition Report BEFORE the driver leaves.  Any claims for damages not annotated on the Condition Report WILL NOT BE HONORED!  INSPECT YOUR CAR THOROUGHLY!  AutoGo will not be responsible for any damages.  All claims for in transit damage must be addressed to the transporter.

9.Most transporters do not carry liability coverage for classic or specialized vehicles. You are responsible for disclosing to AutoGo, through an email or fax, if you consider your vehicle to fall into this category. If you do so, we will make our best efforts to identify a transporter with the appropriate coverage. If we are unable to do so, you may still use a standard transporter but at your own risk with no liability to AutoGo. If you are transporting a specialized or classic vehicle, you should obtain agreed value coverage from a company that specializes in collector car insurance. We recommend you contact your insurance if you are interested in this type of coverage.

10. “Door-to-Door” Service means the truck will get as close to the stated address as is legally and safely possible.  Customer and his agents agree to meet the truck at a large parking lot for pickup and/or delivery if requested by the transporter.

11. AutoGo assumes no responsibility for auto rental (for delays, damage, or accident).

12. Customer agrees that the vehicle is free of contents.  Absolutely NO firearms, alcohol, hazardous materials, contraband, household goods, or illegal substances may be in the vehicle.  Vehicles are subject to inspection by the DOT and/or State Police.

13. Customer has reviewed the Invoice Order and agrees that giving his shipping information and/or credit card number to AutoGo via telephone constitutes verbal authorization to proceed and all terms and conditions will apply.

14. Customer is free to cancel or change dates on this order without penalty as long as a transporter has not been assigned to pickup and/or no services have been rendered.  Customer agrees to pay $150.00 for cancellation or for changing of dates after a carrier has been contracted by AutoGo.

15. All subrogation, litigation, or legal action against AutoGo must have right of venue in the state of Arizona, Pima County.

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