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Our Drivers

AutoGo acknowledges the importance of recognizing the accomplishments of one of the hardest professions- truck driving. AutoGo Auto Transport was founded on the basic principle of congratulating a job well done. We pride ourselves on driver recognition. We acknowledge safe driving, tenure, and everyday professionalism with Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year Rewards.

Each month AutoGo recognizes a Driver of the Month. Our Dispatch Supervisors and Satisfied Customers will nominate a set number of drivers from the previous month’s car shipments. The nominations are reviewed by a committee and the most qualified driver is chosen as Driver of the Month. Each Driver of the Month is awarded a $100.00 fuel bonus, decals for their truck, a certificate honoring them as Driver of the Month, and their exclusive choice of shipping lanes.

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AutoGo did an excellent job shipping a 1931 Model A woodie and a 1940 Chevrolet convertible from Western North Carolina to Newark, Delaware. It couldn’t have gone any smoother. The driver picked the cars up on Sunday and had them here Monday afternoon and it was a holiday weekend. Not a scratch on the cars […]

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